Staying on track

When you've added your running information against your training plan you can then use the Running Domain software to see how well you're going. If your training has slipped, then re-asses: switch to another training plan to see how your training compares to that

The Dashboard

This gives you a snapshot of how you're travelling against your plan. See what you've run this week, in the last 7 days and over the last 4 weeks.

The Dashboard


Charts give you a quick and easy visual of your progress comparing distances and long runs against your plan



These show weekly summaries, day-by-day reports and the individual runs which allows easy navigation to see details and view on Strava

As a runner you'll know that things don't always go to plan, If you've been injured and unable to follow your plan as you would have liked simply look at the charts and reports to find another plan that fits your current level of training.

Your recorded runs are not tied to a particular plan and sit alongside whatever your current plan is.
If you change your plan, your run history goes with you.