“But I’m too slow.”
“I don’t want to hold people up”

“I don’t want to keep people waiting for me.”
“No-one else will be running my pace”

These are common reasons why many people run alone

If you consider yourself too slow to join a group, you’re not alone. There are lots of people just like you out there all feeling the same way. 
At Running Domain we recognise that not everyone is an elite runner, not everyone is fast.
And more to point we recognise that for many people they’re not interested in being fast or getting faster they just want to run and they just want to finish their chosen events.
Running Domain will support you whatever your aims and ambitions.
For us - it’s ok if you’re a bit slow!

In any group of runners some people will be quicker than others and not everyone will run at the same speed.
Each Running Domain group run has two coaches, one looking after the faster runners and the other specifically designated to look after the slower runners. That way, no-one gets left behind or abandoned and no-one needs to feel bad for holding people up

With Running Domain you can run your own pace, benefit from being part of our supportive community and achieve your goals