Choose from a list that covers all major events in South Australia as well as all Australian Capital City marathons and half marathons as well as a selection of the major world marathons

And if your event isn't on the list then use the Running Domain software to quickly and easily create your own training program.

Training Program Display


The Running Domain online training programs are with you wherever you are, on your phone, ipad or desktop

No more printing off spreadsheets and sticking them to the fridge door.
No more forgetting to update your training program.
No more struggling to work out whether you’ve stayed on track with your training.

See at a glance your training program for the week. Get email reminders about your upcoming runs.
And when you’ve been for a run simply update your training program at the push of a button to import your info.
Then you can see where you’re at with a range of snapshots, charts and reports.

If you slip of the schedule, simply select another program that fits your current training level.



The Members weekly email keeps you up to date with news and details the upcoming week’s runs.  
Details of each of the runs during the week are published in the weekly emails along with printable run maps and link to maps.

You’ll also meet your fellow runners online through the Running Domain Facebook forum to share and learn from the experiences of people who are training alongside you.


There are a number of groups runs during the week including speed sessions which are designed to help you fulfill the requirements or your training plan.  Weekday runs are shorter and designed to be done within the hour and outside of regular business hours to allow you to run and get to work or back to your other commitments..
On the weekends Long run, being in the group runs puts you alongside other people training for your chosen event so you can share your running and your experiences.  
The half-marathon group meet Saturday morning and the marathon group meet on Sunday mornings.


If you need advice all you have to do is ask for it.
Talk to your coach at one of the training runs or get in touch by email or phone
Coaching is available to you from experienced coaches whenever you need it.


As well as your coach and fellow runners, a network of professionals support the Running Domain programs.
That means we can help you find the right shoes, clothing and gear as well as being able to refer you onto a network of specialist physiotherapists, podiatrists, Chiropractors, biomechanics, massage therapists, and dieticians to help keep you in top form.