5 to 10

Go beyond the 5km and progress your running journey learning from and guided by experienced and accredited coaches.
The Five to Ten program is designed to push past 5 km and gradually extend your capabilities to longer distances.
At the end of the course you will be comfortably running 10 km. 

The 10 km distance prepare you to compete with confidence in local events and if sets you up if thinking of  a half-marathon down the line.

The program is designed to build on the foundation of the 5km developing your strength and  endurance to run further and longer.
Along the way we'll help you practice better technique and form to make your running easier and more enjoyable.
And of course we'll also provide you with feedback and support as you progress through the course. 
It's a relaxed and friendly environment that will help you get more out of your running and allows you to benefit from the experiences of others.

Next course starts: 
Saturday 6 May 2017

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