The Running Domain training programs provides a total environment to help you meet the your goal of a half-marathon or marathon  and are suitable whether you’re a first-time runner or an experienced runner looking to improve

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Go beyond! Wanting to do more than 5km? Want to run longer? Go further? Maybe you're thinking of a 10km event? Or a half marathon or maybe even a full marathon? Take it to the next level with a 10 week program to get you to 10km - and beyond!

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We run 52 weeks a year. Weekday group runs are open to everyone for free and all sessions are designed to last about an hour. Weekend group runs are for members of Running Domain with each run designed to help people training for longer events achieve their goals

Times and Locations

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced runner, coaching can help you get more out of your running.
Have a one-off session or choose a pack of sessions.
Choose the option to suit you.

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If you consider yourself too slow to join a group, you’re not alone. At Running Domain we recognise that not everyone is an elite runner, not everyone is fast and you can run your own pace, benefit from being part of our supportive community.

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Adelaide runners tell their stories.
Read the stories of real runners from Adelaide as they tell of their events, their training and their journey towards their goals.
Real runners, Real stories. Enjoy and be inspired!

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Chris Taylor

Creator and coach of the highly successful Running Domain training programs. Chris is an accredited coach with 20 years running experience, 10 years in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer. Chris has run 40 marathons and 40 half-marathons winning and placing in some of them. He has also done numerous city-bays and ventures out on the trails. He has coached and mentored several hundred people through their first marathon and half-marathons.

John Norris

John has been a runner since about 2000 and over the years has run a dozen or so City to Bays.
In 2010 John took up running more 
regularly and completed his first half marathon in Adelaide in 2011.
Since then John has enjoyed participating in numerous events ranging from 5 to 30 kilometres and has completed nine marathons.


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